When you purchase HOLSTRit Gives Back to the National Kidney Foundation.
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    Check out these behind the scenes videos and instructional videos on how to get the most out of your HOLSTRit product! We have everything from seeing the features each HOLSTRit comes with to our behind the scenes product shoot to videos about our Shark Tank casting call experience. As a small family-owned business, so much of our operation relies on our friends, family and community for support; these videos showcase how all of these tie together into the product and story you see on this site.

    HOLSTRit Bag Features

    Behind the scenes photo shoot, June 2018

    Thank you once again to Allie Coyle Photography and our beautiful models! Thank you Keighlan for the video clips! 

    Magic of Giving National Kidney Foundation Gala, Tamra Johnson Speech (May 17, 2018)

    Our family was honored at the NKF Gala.

    Video For National Kidney Foundation Gala May 17, 2018

    This is a video of our medical journey.

    2018 Shark Tank Casting Call OKC

    Thank you Shark Tank again for this great opportunity!

    Behind the scenes photo shoot, September 2017

    Thanks Allie Coyle Photography and our beautiful models for another successful shoot. Thank you Brooklynn for the amazing video clips!!

    Want to see all the features on each HOLSTRit? 

    HOLSTRit is more then just a drink bottle holder,
    check out this video.

    The most asked question about your HOLSTRit answered & GET CREATIVE!

    Are you wearing your HOLSTRit correctly? 

    HOLSTRit Shark Tank casting call Dallas, TX

    Here's a short video of our experience.
    Thank you Shark Tank again for this great opportunity!

    Behind the scenes product shoot video December 2016

    Watch our photographer (Allie Coyle Photography), our lovely models and our newest products in action.