When you purchase HOLSTRit Gives Back to the National Kidney Foundation.
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    Hello, and welcome to HOLSTRit. I’m Tamra Johnson, and my small business story as the founder of HOLSTRit actually begins with my daughter.

    After losing both of her kidneys to E-coli bacteria, she received a kidney transplant thanks to her father. As a kidney transplant recipient, she has to drink a 3 liters of fluid daily - and carrying a water bottle around at all times can be hard for anyone, let alone a growing girl! I took the idea of a convenient, functional and cute hydration bag to a friend who is good with textiles, and together we developed a water bottle HOLSTRit for my daughter.

    Seeing the impacts it had on her health and convenience, I realized that it could help others - not just kidney disease survivors and kidney transplant recipients. HOLSTRit was born! Now we proudly offer a growing line of health-focused fashion HOLSTRit's that make life easier on the go.

    Because of our roots in kidney transplant support, we continue to support the cause by donating a portion of every purchase to the National Kidney Foundation.

    All of our water bottle HOLSTRit's are made in small amounts, with limited quantities in each pattern and color. This adds to the uniqueness and individuality of each style.

    We are incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to fulfill a need, give back to the kidney disease and kidney transplant community and enable others to lead healthier lives in style! We are also appreciative of the support of our community, both local and extended. Without our local support base as a small business in Kansas City, we would not be able to provide these fashionable, functional products to our many satisfied customers.

    Thank you for visiting, and welcome to HOLSTRit.
    ~ Tamra Johnson, Founder of HOLSTRit


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